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Careers at AYS

As a youth support worker at Anika Youth Services you will play an essential role in creating a nurturing and stable environment for youth experiencing mental health issues, behavioural concerns, substance misuse, exploitation or street-involvement.

You will have the opportunity to work as front line staff in a group home setting. By being directly involved with the youth in your care on a full-time basis, you will gain invaluable experience in building relationships and connecting with at-risk youth, as well as an immense hands on knowledge of mental health and substance misuse issues. As you will have the most direct contact with the youth in the home, you will serve as their advocate and help to both teach them how to be independent as well as attempt to connect them with the various resources available to them in their community.

Current Positions Available:


You will teach and model life skills, including personal hygiene, meal preparation and nutrition, household chores, money management, and provide transportation to and from all appointments, school, and family visits as well as medication administration. In helping youth with their self-exploration and realization you will encounter many opportunities to network with other professionals and get to know the community you are working in. If you are an individual capable of breaking through strong rooted barriers in order to establish healthy relationships with the youth you support, then you will find this opportunity intensely rewarding and profitable.

Staff Qualifications:

  • Minimum 2 year diploma in child and youth care, psychology, criminology, or related social services field

  • Class 5 License and reliable vehicle

  • Standard First-Aid Level 1 with CPR

  • Clear criminal record

  • Understanding of mental health, substance misuse, attachment and trauma informed practice

Job skills and abilities:

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills

  • Computer skills including the ability to navigate basic online documentation programs

  • Conflict resolution and crisis management skills

  • Strong relatability and rapport building skills

  • Ability to perform basic household duties, such as maintaining a budget, grocery shops, meal preparation, cleaning and ability to teach basic life skills

  • Versatility to work independently and collaboratively as part of a team

  • Cultural competency

  • Non-judgmental, positive, and respectful approach to house residents, co-workers, and other professionals

  • Effective time management and organizational skills

  • Creative in supporting clients in meeting their service plan goals


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