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About Us

Anika Youth Services was incorporated in 2008 and has been providing 24 -hour live-in care for at-risk youth between the ages of 13 and 19.

AYS supports youth who are in need of individualized wrap around services including long-term housing, outreach services, and life skills programming. Anika Youth Services serves the Surrey/Langley area and will address the youth’s individual mental health, social, behavioural, and emotional needs.

Anika Youth Services is a CARF accredited agency, which is funded by the BC Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD). Anika Youth Services currently operates a referral based program and all referrals come from MCFD.

Our Approach

AYS believes that every youth is unique and needs their own ISP as a guide to foster stability and personal growth.  In collaboration with the youth and their care team, AYS assesses the individualized needs of the youth and creates specific ISP goals. Our service delivery approach builds a network of natural and professional supports, as well as community resources to assist the youth in obtaining their goals.  The youth and their care teams are involved in Integrated Case Management (ICM) meetings and we support the use of ICM practices within the AYS services. AYS creates a consistent and structured home-like environment with the main focus on building relationships and creating opportunities for self-development within the home. We work from the modalities of trauma informed, DBT, and attachment theory.


Our Staff

Our staff consists of 70+ experienced professionals with expertise in a wide variety of disciplines.  The Directors, a Program Administrator, Program Supervisors, Resource Coordinators, Support Workers, Youth Worker, Teachers, Crisis Workers, Transition Worker, Awake Night Support Workers, and Relief Workers at AYS are what bring our agency to life.  We encourage our staff team to be creative, flexible, and efficient in the development and delivery of programs and services that enhance our clients’ lives.

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