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Complaints and Grievances

Anika Youth Services maintains processes that make the reporting of an issue, complaint, or grievance by staff or stakeholders a non-threatening and safe situation.


All individuals are informed of their rights and the process of making a complaint as part of their orientation and annual review. Persons making a complaint or grievance, in person, by phone, or by other means, will be advised that all complaints may be made in writing to the Director. If an individual receiving services wishes to proceed with a complaint, a staff will assist if required in writing the complaint. Individuals reporting a complaint will be informed that all complaints are serious and may be investigated and there will be no reprisal against them for making a complaint.

If there is no satisfactory resolution, the person will be advised of their right to carry their complaint forward to the appropriate authorities (Child/Youth Family Advocate Children's Commission, ombudsman, MP, MLA).

Whenever possible, the organization shall use a conflict resolution process to resolve a disagreement that may exist between a client and AYS.

The general nature of all complaints will be documented by AYS including the resolution, within (30) days of the complaint being brought forward. Each person will be notified to the extent possible, of the outcome or resolution.

If you would like to make a formal complaint, please fill out the online form below or call the head office at 604-497-0655 if you have further questions. 

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