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Former Employee of 7 years

The personal and professional growth, along with the connection and the impact you will be able to achieve with your clients and colleagues at AYS is unrivaled in the world of Social Services. AYS is a service and employer unlike any other due to a combination of professionalism and humanism based on ethical and compassionate, informed decision-making regarding very vulnerable hard-to-reach clients. The agency is led by two fearless warriors who built the entire agency on a spontaneous dream and are now considered family to 100+ employees and 100+ kids in care who's lives have been changed forever by their relentless dedication, efficiency, creativity, and bold hearts. For 10 years, the reputation and demands for service from AYS have grown substantially and yet the agency remains as humble, unbiased, client-centered, strength's based, and solution-focused as ever. Infinite gratitude for this agency, the beautiful directors themselves, and their amazing tribe of all-female employees and young female  clients whom they are devoted to positively influencing and preparing for success as strong, independent women each and every day!

MCFD Social Worker

I have been with MCFD for over 10 years. This is one of the best agencies I have ever worked with. The staff are amazing; through front line, all the way to upper management. Their communication style is like no other agency. There is always someone available. I wish there were more AYS homes so we could use them even more. I am just so impressed with these workers. I am new to working in Surrey so AYS has been great at educating me with what services are available. It is clear to me everyone at this agency is passionate and want the youth to do well.

MCFD Social Worker

Anika is a great resource for all the kids I have, who are pleased with the resource. They are kind and caring and do their best to make sure the environments are respectable, that youth get to create their own space, get to attend cultural activities of their choice as well as rec activities. Best part of it is that they care about their kids and it shows.


It has been my experience that AYS has the best interest of the children & the families they serve. I’d like to see AYS mentor other agencies supporting youth as AYS model works for the high risk population we serve.

School Program

Excellent organization, I love working with you. Special mention to Ania, Danica, Jenn, Mel, Christina, Priscilla and Morena. Excellent supports for our common youth.

I feel valued in our relationship, lots of collaboration. I also feel that (the school program) is valued plus I am learning from you and what you do.

Former Employee

Working at AYS was a huge period of growth for me in both my personal and professional life. It is truly amazing work that everyone does, and a very supportive organization to work for.Communication was quite easy with certain staff. I appreciated Ania’s support, flexibility, and willingness to work with complicated .

MCFD Social Worker

I truly appreciate the AYS team that supports youth & families when they are involved with AYS. I appreciate their understanding of family systems, how they work very collaboratively and how they do not allow themselves to become emotionally drawn into behaviours of youth and families when they heightened. 

School Program

I am always pleased when we have youth that resides in an Anika resource. We know that we will have an open, collaborative and supportive experience.

VIP RCMP Officer

AYS is exceptional in their professionalism, interpersonal relationships, the way in which their services is organized (top to bottom support). My team loves working with their team. It is apparent how compassionate they are in their care of the kids in care.

Probation Officer

Anika Youth Services is a pleasure to work with. Lots of communication with respect to the youth in their placement and ongoing support planning

Fraser Health - EPI

I have been and continue to be entirely impressed with the professionalism of staff I interact with.  They consistently present with compassion for the client and family members that is served with a clear understanding of the various and complex needs of their clients. They strive consistently to provide support as needed and realistically accommodate client needs, as well as strive to work collaboratively with the various team members (MCFD, MH) to ensure client needs are fully understood and met. 

MCFD Social Worker

I have nothing but positive things to say about AYS. The program is supportive to the youth and is run so well with so much support. Amazing things happen with kids attached to AYS

MCFD Social Worker

I really enjoy working with AYS and all staff. AYS have done well with all our youth!

MCFD Mental Health

Keeps a solution focuses perspective. They always work at communication and working as a team.

School Program

One of my favourite services to work with

Treatment Centre

I wasn’t aware of all the services available to the youth – you give the youth a lot of chances and support them in being resilient

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